Friday, June 25, 2010

release day!

it's officially release day!! wooooooohoooooo!! 

that's my girl.... cari quinn has book two of the hunk du jour series coming out today and man do i love this story! jenny makes me laugh, cheer, and even pump my fist a time or two in this story.

okay, so jenny's pumping her fist a time or two for a whole different reason. ;)

ty's made the mistake of taking the lovely jenny for granted. fears and doubts have twisted the only thing he's ever truly wanted in this life. and in turn, to hold onto the man she's loved for so long, jenny's done 9723 naughty things in the bedroom to keep the lust alive. but instead of holding onto him, it's had the opposite effect on their relationship.

just  how do you keep the spice alive without alienating the one man you love to get so creative for?

welcome to the dilemma that is ty and jenny's relationship. it's a wild ride to realization, with a swift exit into trustville. fundamental lies and half truths can ruin any relationship. cari quinn knows just how to ratchet up the passion and throw a few twists and turns into a story. i might be biased, but i gotta tell you--she gets better with each and every story she tells.

jenny and ty have the hallmark cari stamps of snark, sexy appeal, and complicated characters. in a world of erotica where characters can easily fall as flat as the cliched cardboard cutouts that litter ereaders around the world, cari never fails to give you something extra special.

so give Ex Appeal a try. and while the book stands alone completely, seeing the mastermind behind hunk du jour make a cameo might just get you interested in book one, Full Disclosure with holly and alex. but then again, i know you already purchased book one...right?



oh yeah, and congrats, cari on another release. you go girl!!